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Savor it, everything vanishes.

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"I've become jaded and I can't escape it."

Tiffany. 24. Essex.
I like the same things everyone does: music, books, tv, films, poetry, reminiscing, food and tattoos.

Next year I'm travelling to some European hotspots so recommend me cool things to do.

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I forgot about this album. I rather enjoy it!

I forgot about this album. I rather enjoy it!

Monday Jul 7 @ 10:14pm
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tagged as: lightspeed champion. dev hynes. falling off the lavender bridge. music. currently listening.

  1. fghtffyrslf said: The demos he did before the album are the best. “Stay The Fuck Away From Me” and “Last Night Sucked” are ace as 4 aces and a king in poker.
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